Raptos is a planet in the Theropod Empire and is the home of all of the raptors in the Jurassic Quadrant, including the raptors in the Raptor Border Patrol and General Loki, who rules the "meat mines" there, although it is unknown what exactly those are. It is also the planet from which Loki's replacement presents come in The Claws of Christmas, and where his dream meteors were originally found. Raptos itself has only been referred to, and has never been seen or described. However, it seems to be a large but mostly barren planet. The government of Raptos is a monarchy, although the military is important in raptor life, and its head of state is the Raptor Royal. The Royal is served and possibly advised by many lesser raptor generals like Loki, hinting that the planet is partly military-run. He is a major enemy of the DSS, orchestrating Loki's attack on Teggs in The Dreams of Dread.