Raptor Border Patrol
Full Name
Velociraptor Border-in-Order-or-Instant-Death Patrol
Patrol raptors
Planet Of Hatching
Blasting down illegal craft.
Being tricked by plant-eating scum.
DSS Rating
8 - These raptors shoot first and ask questions later.

Raptor Border Patrol

The Raptor Border Patrol is a gang of specially bred raptors who patrol the edge of the Vegmeat Zone in raptor death ships, blowing up any herbivore ship which violates the border space and enters the Carnivore Sector without permission. Arx and Gipsy, accompanied by Dasta and Ardul (in (Teggs's and Iggy's bodies respectively), encountered a raptor patrol ship on their way to the Geldos Cluster to claim Dasta's replicator, and Arx defeated the raptors by tricking them into being blown up by the Sauropod's dung torpedoes. Patrol raptors wear green uniforms and peaked hats that are marked with the symbol VB.

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