Full Name
Netta Arinetta
Did You Know?
One swipe of Netta's mighty tail can smash concrete.
Planet Of Hatching
Ribbons, flowers and clobbering people.
Being bored.

Netta the pink ankylosaurus is one of Damona's friends in the Damona's Darlings team (alongside Splatt) and is a major character in the Astrosaurs Academy series. She is tough and loyal to Damona, but isn't especially sensible. She is more intelligent than she appears, however. Despite her attitude, she is slightly feminine and likes ribbons and flowers as much as fighting. She also likes playing tricks on Dutch.

In Contest Carnage! she sprained her ankle in a fight with a robo-boxer and was taken to the hospital by Bomp. After she returned, she acted dull and flat: she had been enslaved by Doctor Finkle the carnotaurus! She was later freed and helped the undercover astrosaur Sergeant Snoop capture the carnivore.

Later, in Terror Underground!, she found the device that allowed her to control the giant spiders and had them bring Teggs, Blink, and Dutch to her so that they could catch Sergeant Major Bonecrack and Pilot Komo the raptors.

In Jungle Horror!, Netta was one of the cadets that Commodore Kallos tricked into chasing Teggs, Blink, and Dutch on a lethal training mission in Jungulus. However, Splatt managed to talk Netta out of her mission and explained that Kallos was a traitor to the DSS. The ankylosaurus disguised her friends using mud so that they could mingle with the cadets without being recognized. Netta, along with Damona and Dutch, entered the Savage Safari Park and managed to distract Kallos and her fake teachers long enough for the other cadets to see them for who they really were.

Netta was one of the cadets captured by the Carnivore Crime Cartel in Space Kidnap!, along with Damona, Dutch, and Blink, but managed to escape with them and helped Teggs and Splatt rescue the other abducted cadets from brainwashing.

After her graduation, Netta became a security officer on board the DSS Lizard Queen, serving alongside a younger Gipsy. She frst appears as an astrosaur in Earth Attack! (her first appearance in the Astrosaurs series), alongside the other former Darlings, cheerfully talking to Teggs and Gipsy and celebrating the defeat of the raptor General Loki.

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