Hawn is a small planet in the Vegetarian Sector and is ruled by woolly rhinos, led by Serras. Because woolly rhinos are plant-eaters, they grow crops on the planet, especially buttercups. Hawn used to have three suns, but a solawurm named Grakk who was under the control of a megalosaurus named Lord Rawhead ate two of them and sent the planet into a period where crops failed and the natives struggled to survive the ice age. Arx and Iggy helped Teggs save Hawn by making Grakk spit flames close to the world. Teggs, Gipsy, and Heelum the solawurm set Grakk free with the unwilling help of Lord Rawhead. Heelum squeezed Grakk, letting loose streams of fire and recharging Hawn's final sun. Thanks to him, the buttercups soon began growing again on the surface of Hawn. Cammino was also born on this planet.