Full Name
Grakk Seggiment-Fnurrhh
About 12,000 years.
Terrifying giant monster.
Planet Of Hatching
Sunbathing in his dinner.
Anyone who tries to stop his star-scoffing.
DSS Rating
10 - Grakk is the most ferocious, fiery threat ever faced by astrosaurs. HOT STUFF!

Grakk is an important character in The Sun-Snatchers and is one of the only two solawurms in the Jurassic Quadrant, along with his older brother Heelum. The younger solawurm was separated from his brother and was captured by an evil megalosaurus named Lord Rawhead, who hypnotized him and forced him to attack herbivore planets and eat their suns. His first target was the woolly rhino planet Hawn, where Grakk promptly ate one of its three suns.

The Sauropod confronted him, and the spell on Grakk broke for a moment. He gave a long, anguished scream for help before returning to Rawhead's control and attacking the ship with a fireball. Then, when Teggs and his crew returned to Hawn, Grakk ate the planet's second sun as well. Because of his brief flicker of sanity, Rawhead called Grakk to the Vegmeat Zone to put him fully under his control once and for all. Because he had eaten too much star-fire, Grakk was very sick when he was found there by Teggs and Gipsy, who were accompanied by Heelum. The giant worm trapped his brother in his jaws while Rawhead's hypno-ships hypnotized him. Rawhead then ordered Grakk to finish off the woolly rhinos by consuming their final sun.

After Teggs and Gipsy escaped the carnivores, they took Shuttle Alpha to beat Grakk to Hawn. The sun-eater arrived first, but some daring piloting on the part of Iggy, Arx, and Admiral Rosso kept him from eating the sun, which was now surrounded by Grakk's fireballs. Heelum decided to help Teggs and Gipsy save Grakk by flicking the shuttle between his eyes, breaking the megalosaurus' spell on him. Heelum then apologized for all that Rawhead had forced them to do and cured Grakk by squeezing the star-fire out of him, helping to save Hawn by powering its sun. Grakk and Heelum then left Hawn forever.