Fangetta is a major villainess in Teeth of the T. rex. She was the governor of St. Bonecracker's Prison on Teerex Major, a prison for criminal T. rexes.

One prisoner, a scrawny T. rex named Thickhead McBrick, made a deal wih Fangetta and her boyfriend, a judge named Braxus: he'd sell the T. rex Crown Jewels that he had recently swiped from King Groosum and give them part of the profits if they set him free. The trio managed to frame Teggs and Gipsy for the crime using Braxus's spaceship and some fake jewels made by Fangetta, who lured the DSS Sauropod to the scene using a recorded distress call. The T. rexes then sent them to Fangetta's prison, where the inmates tried to eat the astrosaurs and robot T. rexes took them to the crooked governor for punishment. Fangetta decided that they would be eaten during King Groosum's royal feast to celebrate the Crown Jewels' return.

Fangetta and Braxus later captured Iggy, too, and put him in a large stewpot with Teggs and Gipsy. Teggs managed to bite through their ropes and set them free, and they fled for their lives from the T. rexes. However, Arx burst in and told Groosum that Thickhead, Fangetta, and Braxus had tricked him before handing over the real Crown Jewels (which Fangetta had stashed in her cupboard). Groosum then had Braxus, Fangetta, and Thickhead locked up in St. Bonecracker's Prison.

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