Full Name
Draxter McNaxter
Special assistant to Admiral Rosso
Planet Of Hatching
Serving drinks, Staying out of trouble.
Power. He hates the stuff. Yuk! Power? No thanks! Ugh!
DSS Rating
5 - Draxie is one to watch - but maybe not for the right reasons.



Draxie is a dracopelta and is one of the two main villains of Day of the Dino Droids, along with Attila the Atrocious.


Draxie once worked for the DSS, but made sneaky deals with carnivores and betrayed them over and over again, so he was fired. To get revenge, he joined forces with Attila and captured Admiral Rosso while he was on holiday at Trimuda. They then used their space tunnel to lure Teggs and his crew into a fake DSS HQ that was located in the Tyrannosaur Territories. Draxie posed as Admiral Rosso's personal assistant, and pretended to be a servile, humble dinosaur who was devoted to his admiral. However, the "Admiral Rosso" he was with was actually a dino-droid. Draxie always carried around a life-detection meter with him and claimed repeatedly that there were no robots on board. When Teggs ran away from the dino-droids, Draxie met him in a network of tunnels, told a lie that he was hiding after an attack from the robots, and tricked him into following the little dracopelta into Attila's lair, where the carnivore captured Teggs.


While he is able to take on a meek appearance, Draxie is far more ambitious, clever and dangerous than he appears. A frequent and easy liar, he makes and breaks alliances as it suits him, and seems to be truly loyal only to Attila. He is also vengeful, implied to have only joined with Attila to get back at the DSS for sacking him. He makes full use of his weak appearance to manipulate others, as he is a weak fighter himself.

Trivia Edit

  • Draxie is a Dracopelta zbyszewskii, an early species of ankylosaur.  
  • Draxie has a mother on Draconda who still insists that he is loyal to the DSS.
  • His card lists him as a crew member even though he is not.
  • He is the first herbivore in the series to be a villain.
  • His likes and dislikes are fake and are merely there to cover up his true nature.