Carnotaurus BW

An artist's impression of a real-life Carnotaurus.

The carnotaurus are large grey meat-eating dinosaurs who live on the planet of Taurus. Unlike T. rexes, they can read and write. Doctor Finkle, two of Spiny Jim's star pirates, and the carnotaur stewards that worked as bouncers at the Great Dinosaur Games of Olympus are all carnotaurus. Some have also worked for the Carnivore Crime Cartel, and they seem to be used as muscle at carnivore meetings. Their ruler is the understanding King Carnotaurus. Unlike T. rexes, carnotaurs are literate.


Real Carnotaurus were 8-metre-long meat-eating dinosaurs from South America, one of a group of theropods called the abelisaurs. While imposing due to the unusual horns over its eyes, Carnotaurus had small arms and clawless fingers, and was lightly built for its size. While some scientists believe that Carnotaurus hunted small animals, others think that it used its jaws to weaken and slash at larger prey. In either case, evidence suggests that it was one of the fastest of all non-bird dinosaurs, running at a speed of up to 31 miles per hour. The function of the horns of Carnotaurus is unknown, as studies show that they were too delicate for use in direct ramming, although it has been suggested that rival Carnotaurus rammed the sides of their heads to avoid fatal drect attacks. Skin impressions show that it had a bumpy skin, without feathers like many other meat-eating dinosaurs. Its name means 'meat bull' in Latin.

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