Queen Soapi, queen of the bactrosaurs.

saurs are green plant-eating dinosaurs who originally came from the planet of Bactros, but they have a sizeable colony on Atlantos. Most bactrosaurs dislike all technology and love cleanliness, overreacting whenever someone even mentions dirt and machines. However, they can be quite brave if they want to be. They mainly use organic tools and weapons like coconuts, but seem willing to accept technology that improves their cleanliness. Queen Soapi and Janice are bactrosaurs.

An artist's impression of a real-life Bactrosaurus.

Real Bactrosaurus were early hadrosaurs (sometimes called duck-billed dinosaurs) that lived in China during the Late Cretaceous period, and were close relatives of the more well-known Lambeosaurus. They were about six metres long. It was more heavily built than many later hadrosaur species. While Bactrosaurus, due to its primitive status, was not believed to have a crest like other members of its family, research shows that this may be false. Because some of its body parts resemble those of Iguanodon, it is thought that hadrosaurs like Bactrosaurus evolved from iguanodonts. The name Bactrosaurus means "club lizard".