Atlantos is a planet in the Vegmeat Zone that is the main setting of The Terror-Bird Trap. It is unique as the only world so far where carnivores and herbivores exist together in relative harmony. Atlantos is located near the Pliosaur Nurseries, a strategic location, as Godfrey the evil terror bird points out to Teggs. It is mostly a water planet, but one island, Kleen Island, is inhabited by a group of dinosaurs named bactrosaurs and their terror bird friend, Gastro. The bactrosaurs of Kleen Island are ruled by Queen Soapi. Underwater, Atlantos is ruled by a tribe of megalodon sharks and their leader, King Fin. Janice the bactrosaur hoof-maiden once tried to start a war between them so that her own gang of terror birds could take over the planet.


  • Atlantos is named after Atlantis, a legendary sunken island created by the Greek writer Plato. He may have based it on the real island of Thera, which was devastated by a volcanic eruption in ancient times.