Aqua Minor

Aqua Minor
Sea Reptile Space
Space Year 36 Million
How To Get There
Turn right at Aqua Major, then straight on past Aqua Very-Minor and Aqua Titchy
Data File
Aqua Minor is the second largest of fifty water worlds in the Drip System. Typical weather: Sunny, but damp.
DSS Rating
3 - Very wet and stinks of fish. For flying (or swimming) visits only.

Aqua Minor is a planet in Sea Reptile Space which is home to a clan of cryptoclidus fishermen led by Cripes, a school of whisperfish, and, for a time, a liopleurodon admiral named Don Leo. The planet is fully underwater, and the only things above the surface are the cryptoclidus fishing factories. Because they ran out of food on Cryptos, their home world, they catch fish and ammonites on Aqua Minor and send them to their famlies back home using rockets. They have built on the world only recently, and Don Leo's escaped larder of whisperfish were angered by their noisy machines and destroyed several of them. However, Iggy created a type of quiet super-sub that does not upset the whisperfish.